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Get Facebook Likes for a Pennies? Penny Click Profits is a Scam!

Remember how I told you before, anyone can make anything look like a scam…

Here is my beloved course.. It is given by Chris Record and “Hurricane” Arthur Tubman who prove that they are the masters of Facebook. If you haven’t heard me ramp and rave over it, it’s called Penny Click Profits. 

It is a course where they teach you everything they know on how to make money from a Facebook Fan page!

To get is straight, I am going to post the “scam" first… then I am going to tell you the truth…


Penny Click Profits is a SCAM!

I looked into Penny Click Profits and it’s supposed to be a free webinar where you learn how to get Facebook Fan Page Likes for Pennies so that the page can be a list for me to sell on Facebook.

After the webinar, they asked me for a fee to teach the rest.  

When I spent all of my rent money on the course, all they told me was how to do stuff.  They did not have a clear method on getting likes for pennies and they told me to keep trying.

After spending all of my money on Facebook ads (still did not get likes for pennies), I found out my page was not ready to make money! Then they offered me another way to make money from a page that was not ready to make money by spending more money!

Now I have a Facebook Fan Page I don’t need, a T-shirt that I had to pay to get made that has not sold, and out of my mortgage. 

What’s worse is that they told me the course was for 5 weeks and based on what they were supposed to be teaching me, I was to be making money in the 2nd week. Two months later, I have not made a dime…

Don’t buy Penny Click Profits!  They are some scammers out for your money buy offering you a dream and affiliate links.

Some people may even have the audacity to put something like this…

Penny Click Profits is a Scam!

I checked out the webinar and then they asked for money… so it is evident that they are trying to gain on the Facebook industry by telling people that it is possible to make money on Facebook.

While I am not disregarding this, I bet it would take a lot of time, know how, and some money.

There are many so called Social Network Gurus out there that say they will teach you the ins and outs of Facebook and they may be promoting the same product.

Don’t listen to these scammers.  They know that you want to build a fan page because it sounds like an easy way to make money.  So for that they will charge you hundreds of dollars, take your money, and you never see them again.

I have an option that is better…


None of the above information can be further from the truth!

 Some internet marketers are taught to sell you on the claims of scams so they can capitalize on the popularity of other websites and products.

Since this course has made me a Facebook Master!  I have so many points to tell about what this course has allowed me to do and where I have gotten so far…

So in a nutshell,

I went from not using Facebook at all, to

  • Creating ads for fan pages
  • Learning how to split test ads until they achieve penny status.
  • How to get likes for free
  • How to and the importance of an engaging fan base.
  • How to profit from Pinterest
  • How to schedule posts.
  • How to use the Power Editor, something I did not know existed until now.
  • How to create a fan page that attracts.
  • How to profit from T-shirt campaigns
  • Light and Dark Posts and how to profit from them
  • The purpose of boosted posts
  • How to use CPA’s to promote to an engaging fan base
  • How to analyze any Facebook page
  • How to grow a page from nothing into 1000 likes in 2 days or less.
  • How to organize and schedule posts for future engagement so I won’t have to babysit facebook.
  • Tools and tricks on customer audiences
  • How to outsource for Facebook and what it costs
  • How to sell a Facebook Fan Page 
  • How to cross promote
  • How to do a Joint Venture offer on Facebook
  • How to know when the best audience is secured.
  • When to change to effectiveness of an ad.
  • Which type of ads create the best response for any intention.
  • How to transform an abandoned page
  • Where to go for more highly valued Facebook information
  • Resources for product creation, ad creation, audience creation, websites, capture pages, and buttons.
  • How to analyze a fan page and what to pay the most attention to.
  • How to create my own mini-product
  • How to do this for any other page!

Not to mention the transparency of the teachers and their know how!  It’s completely amazing.

Now I don’t care how much the price tag is but there are people within this group who…

  • Make up to $30,000 a month as a newbie with two months training on Facebook alone.
  • Received over $14,000 just to start because his friends wanted him to use what he learned for their pages.
  • Make $1000 per day selling T-shirts.
  • Have multiple Facebook Fan Pages that are automated and outsourced so they just receive the profits.

Does that sound like a scam?  If it does, I will just keep scamming to the bank!  

it brings my point that you must find where you belong and STAY THERE! You never know going from one place to the next!

So before you label something or read that something is a scam, recognize what a scam is. Make your own definition on what a scam is.  I have found that when naming scams, the writer is trying to offer you a scam, the writer has no clue what it is actually about, or the writer did not try because they are still looking for that “golden secret” to riches.

This is what I find most…

I would appreciate it if you left a comment as to what you think a scam is.  For more information and to see that webinar where Chris tells crazy Facebook secrets is here and it’s free to watch.  

Next I will show you how to get most of the information, knowledge and tools you need to make money online for free.

P.S. There is a new internet bar coming out on Tuesday.  I am offering it for free when it comes out.  In order to get it, check here or any other of my pages, It will be everywhere!  Wait until I tell you what it can do!  

It comes from these very same guys and it’s free!

5 tips to get you out of the confusion called “working for yourself”.

Being in business for yourself can be confusing.  With all of the “drama” happening around you… What are you supposed to pay attention to?

Let’s get right to it…

That’s how I like it.

In order to make your day less confusing I am offering these 5 tips

1. If you are brand spanking new to working for yourself, focus on building.  

The most daunting part of information overload is that once you learn the biz, then you must do something about it.  

The concept of building is just that but you are not just building anything.  You are building your business!  You are building a foundation on which to run from here on out.  

No matter if you are building…

  • a blog
  • your presence on social media sites
  • your website
  • your own book, product, or funnel
  • the know how to do any of the above…

This is why it is a good thing to remain focused on what you are building.  Remaining focused is a whole other topic in which I discuss briefly.  To find out what it means to be focused, see my other blog here

2. Keep a running log or tab of your prior endeavors. (This means the day before).

How many times have you come to your computer, completely confused to what to do next?  

Why? You cannot remember what you engaged in the day before.  Part of working for yourself is to make decisions.  Some things you need to make a decision on whether or not you want to use or take part in them.

 I would say, use this discretion as fast as you can or you’ll just end up with a boat load of emails you have to go though because of this indifference.  These emails can make your day a whole lot less productive.

As you are going through your day, keep a digital or physical notebook on endeavors that need more attention or are not complete, it is probably best to start at the basics.  No need for trying to learn a program that takes away from focus.  

3. If you are not making money in your business…

Focus on money making activities!  

This is said by a lot of people and it is true.  Don’t spend all of your time focusing on the item that has no potential.  Instead, work on those entities that produce an outcome that you can calculate.  Focus on growing your income everyday.  If you are having issues with this  try this…

Sit at the computer and ask yourself…what are the activities, I need to do in order to make money?  If you are wondering why you need money or why these activities are important, you need to know your why?  Why are you in business?  Focus on activities that are related to your why…

4. If you are confused about where to start.

Then you should start at the basics that are to be incorporated everyday.  These are money making activities that are indirectly connected to your bank account and have more of a positive outcome than you slaving all day.  

These activities include…

  • Reading for 1/2 an hour a day on positive and wisdom based material.
  • Listening to audio everyday

These two activities alone should give you inspiration or ideas on what’s needed for the rest of your day.

5. If you are confused about everything.

Then I have two suggestions for that as well.  

The first is center on what it is you are most confused about and find that information.  Read up on it, do some research.  Research is pertinent but it should not have the outcome of a full inbox which leads me to the next suggestion for #5.


Being in business for yourself can have you on every aspect of the digital planet.  One minute you are giving information to start a website and the next you are getting information on how to start a website.  Go back through your journey so far.  See what you actually have going on.  I know it sounds tedious and no one wants to do it but having an email inbox that is full of distractions is a code for kill because not only does it kill productivity but it kills…

  • Focus
  • Capital
  • Room to breathe your business.

Yes, I said room to breathe your business.  If you are not going to breathe it then who?  No one is going to do this for you so you must be serious about taking your biz to the next level. It is your baby, it is up to you to train it in the way that it should go. If not, expect the same results you put in.

If none of these suggestions work, then please contact me.  I will be happy to help you understand the stage you are in your business and help you along they way… no charge.

To network with me, please fill out this form.  If you have suggestions to add, please leave a comment below.  Thanks so much.

Shavydavy, the busy bee of business.

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Next video will show you how to make a funnel.  Just the beginning I cannot make the video too long.

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Video!  Why I am a little excited, what happened and my rant for putting on clothes.  This video also gives you the details of what most people go through when entering the valley of death… information overload with an option for me to help?  Can you afford free?  Better yet can you afford to pay attention? You can’t afford not to.  

As if we didn’t already have a hard enough time choosing the right web address, typing the right web address, and competing for that little bit of space on the front page of Google.  Not to mention the gazillion piles of information we already have to manage to swallow on a full stomach. SMH.  What do you all think?  Is this a good idea?  Should I change to .blog?

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As if we didn’t already have a hard enough time choosing the right web address, typing the right web address, and competing for that little bit of space on the front page of Google.  Not to mention the gazillion piles of information we already have to manage to swallow on a full stomach. SMH.  What do you all think?  Is this a good idea?  Should I change to .blog?

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Before You Label it a Scam! 7 Steps To Identifying Scams.


I am seeing this word all over the internet. 

It is making me sick.  It is making it hard to find the real truth behind a lot of these companies. Let me tell you some things about certain products and courses.

1. Most products and course are legit.

Why?   Real internet marketers want to grow their business.  They do not want to be labeled all over the internet as a scam artists.  For this they put their best work at the time forward.  This is why you do not see a product by me as of yet.  I want to make sure it is the best product so I am taking the time to invest in it, in myself until it is what I would buy first. Which leads me to my next point.  

2. Some programs and courses are made by novices.

There are some programs out that will show you how to make your own product and sell it.  It takes more time but if you are a novice and you have this course then the program or product in which you are making will also be at that level.  Will this stop you from publishing it?  It has not stopped many.  So if you buy a program that is made by a novice then you will get that.  This is why it is important to get value and content first!  If you have heard nothing of the such or even the person’s name then chances are they are a novice.

3. Other programs and courses are made for newbies.

This is why you have such mundane information.  A lot of these courses are outdated and yet they are still available on the internet for whoever feels they need the information.  When you buy the product, make sure there is not a free version out there.  Chances are there are but you get what you pay for.  At the end most of these programs try to help you with the learning curve by putting all of this information together instead of you getting them in separate parts and having to put the information together yourself.

4. There is a difference between a not so great product or course and a scam.

A scam is where you were sold a product and you did not receive what was advertised.  This can mean that you were sold a blogging platform and find that there is no platform or the platform is a whole bunch of websites you must make up.  This is a scam.  You were not given what what advertised and you were not told that you were going to actually receive this.  A scam is also a product that suggests success but sets you up to fail.  Many of these can be seen right out of the gate.  They don’t add up.

A scam is also a product that promotes much fluff and offers none of the fluff.  This is why I have survey sites.  They say you make sooo much money doing surveys but what they don’t tell you is that after you paid, there are surveys that you will not be eligible for and for the most part you will be ineligible for most but you are still paying that monthly fee.  You are paying to get access to paid surveys not be told you cannot do them.

However, if the survey company gives you the surveys and you decide to not do them because you realized “there was work involved”, then who is the scam artist?  YOU ARE. You are scamming companies into believing you are serious.  A serious waste of their time and this is why most charge for their services, so that people will THINK before wasting someone else’s AND their own time.

5. There is a difference between a product and a tool…

A product is something you sell.  As a marketer, you sell products.  You USE tools!  Now being an affiliate your tools and your products are the same.  It is unhealthy to sell a product you would not even buy.

They key here is to think about whether you need a product, tool, or both.  If you need a product, there are plenty of those EVERYWHERE!  You can trip and fall on products to sell.  If you need a tool to grow your business for example an autoresponder then that is what you are looking for.  You will have to pay for a lot of tools and the more you pay the more you will receive.  Notice I did not say better, I said more. Once you know the difference about what someone is selling you then you can make a clear decision on if it will work for YOU!  

Hint: When you are buying a product and tool together, you are an affiliate of that product.  When they are packaged together like this, you are buying a product.  Consumers buy products, whether they are tools or not so I am suggesting products when talking about buying something.

If you bought a tool to help your business grow and it did not give you a product, IT IS NOT A SCAM!  It is a tool.  As a newbie, I highly suggest  keeping all tools to the basics.  When you become a Master at something then you should venture on tools that will show you other ways you can grow your business, automate your business, and making your business easier overall.

There is a great product in which I invested.  It is a Facebook Marketing course.  Inside of the course, there are tools you can use to make your efforts easier.  

6. Know the facts!

This is where that whole learning curve comes in.  In order to make a good purchase on your product, go through the full spectrum on what it can do for you before you purchase it.

For example..If someone is giving you free websites but you must pay a whole bunch for hosting, then you know the websites aren’t free.  Then you also know the term, “if you build it, they will come”, is nonsense.  Make sure you know a way to market these websites.  If the company does not give you information on that, then more than likely it is not included in the price. It is up to you to choose if you want that product.

This is what I mean by knowing the facts!  Now do people make money with these products and tools? I don’t know!  Personally, I know how to get hosting and domain names for cheap so I cannot see myself paying 10 to 20 times that much just to have to pay another price for marketing them.  If you have made money through this manner then hit me up!

Just because they charge a crazy amount does not mean that it’s a scam. The money is in the marketing.  The money is in the list.  These are some of the facts that newbies do not know.


This is for any program.  You can sign your name on the electronic line all day and not produce one dime.  You have to be willing to put as much energy and work into it as you expect out of it.  Even the most mundane products, services, and tools have some value.  It is up to YOU to use them!  Is it a scam is if someone charges you to show you how to use them?  No.

I bought a product that I sell but it is also a tool I use.  Initially, I was told I would learn certain things on how to make money with them.  I followed the directions but not to a “T”.  This is because I did not know the facts!  I did not know how important marketing, purpose, list building, and content with value meant.  For that I blame myself.  Not the company.

You can pay thousands and do nothing or you can pay nothing and do nothing.  You will get the same outcome…nothing.

Now am I saying there are not scams out there?  Heck yes!  There are many people who believe in just getting rich.  For this they hide behind products and change the name often.  They also tell you some great story and not how the product works or what it does.  They just tell you about the money they want you to think you can make and show you screenshots of Paypal, an easy link you can get off of the internet.

Stop being impressed by screenshots!  Be impressed with value. Be impressed with the overall growth and duration of the company.  Be impressed with the things YOU can do with the value given.  Be impressed with the REAL stuff!  

8.  Stop listening to scam sites that label everything as a scam!

This is hurting a lot of people!  I cannot honestly listen to someone that labels something as a scam because of …

  • Upsells… You determine if you want the upsell.
  • More calls or emails… If you do not know about “the list”, then these bogus claims of something being a scam because of emails would sound right to you.  These marketers are under the assumption you want their help or advice.  Help is not free.  How much does it cost to go to the emergency room these days?  Remember your friend that “helped” you?  You are probably still paying for that maybe not with your money.
  • The marketer selling the product may have a dark past… No one is perfect.  You cannot judge people.  Let us look at what you have done that has not hit the fan yet.  Does that make you a bad person?  Should you have to suffer because of one bad decision for the rest of your life?  I have found those with a dark past are some of the most successful because they don’t want to end up where they were.  They dedicate themselves to excellence.  One of my own mentors has a dark past and he by far has given me some of the greatest free information I have ever seen! 


Have they tried the product?

What were they told?

What did they do besides observe?

What outcomes did they get?

Why do they believe they were scammed?

If I took the time to tell you something was a scam them I am going to tell you WHY BASED ON PROOF AND HARD FACTS!

Nowadays, we just take anyone’s opinion and because they give us a good reason to make an excuse or better, give us the excuse, we take it.

If you are willing to take anything then that is just what you are going to get…ANYTHING!  You will constantly find yourself in one scam after the next while the next make is making 6 figures from home.

If you have an opinion about this post, let me know.  You can comment or email me at  You can also find me on twitter @shavydavy.

Much love…and PAY ATTENTION!


Attention All Internet Marketing Newbies! 4 TIPS ON WHERE YOU ARE GOING WRONG!

Over the last couple of months I have been doing some research.  I have researched everything from blogging to marketing to see what was out there, what people need to know, and what I am finding was nothing that I expected!

While it is obvious that as a newbie you have a learning curve, meaning you have to learn the trade before you can actually do it.

Would you like a police officer to rescue you if he has not gone through the proper training?  As a matter of fact, how many successful police officers are there out there without the proper training and knowledge?

With that said, I am getting sick of people using these crazy tactics on trying to confuse newbies…


As an internet marketer who has been in the biz for years, I have to put it out there.  Here are some free tips!  No you won’t see pitches here because I really believe that you NEED this information.

1. Learn what is good for YOU and what is not.

Know what you want to do.  Find out what options you have and choose between them.  No industry is perfect, so just like all of the other ones in the world, the internet marketing industry is no different.  This is why you must take some time to learn.

2. When trying to find a product to in which to invest…PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE!  

This includes most scam sites that say everything is a scam except what they are promoting.  I have seen scam sites where the person running the site knows NOTHING about the biz.  They make money off of telling you the information, they think you want to hear.  By saying everything is a scam, they in turn will be able to tell you what they think works.  They make a commission.

Because you are new, and you trust them… because they told you the truth.. (Most of them don’t even try the programs, the just give their opinions), you buy into this crap because you believed they saved you money.

How many people have actually profited off of these “scam” sites except for the “scam” sites owner?  How has it been going for you?

If you want to know a resource… (See I am telling you a solution, and guess what it’s FREE).  Use Warrior Forum.  They will give you the straight answers by real internet marketers.  If you don’t find the information you need there, go to YouTube.  Many people post reviews in video form and you can see from there what you will be getting yourself into.

3. Once you have found your niche and your area of expertise… STICK WITH IT!

 So many people are just on the internet trying to get rich.  They believe that all you have to do is buy a program or not (maybe get it for free) on how to make money and with a few clicks…BOOM!  


It usually does not work like that.  You will find that as you learn, you will learn what NOT to do.  One thing NOT to do is to accept a program where you feel you will not have to do any work.  What is even more hard to believe is that there are actually MANY people who wholeheartedly feel…

  • They should not have to pay for anything.
  • They should not have to learn anything.
  • They should get started today and make millions by the end of day.
  • They should be able to make tons of money without selling or investing in anything.
  • That the gurus and the one’s making the money are crooks because they are offering to teach you in a matter of months what took them years to find and then more time to make.  The guru and their millions are great until they ask you for your money.
  • Then as soon as you sign up, pay your money, you expect to get paid.  


This is why MLM is going out of style… This is the type of mentality that most MLMers have.  This is why only the top 1% make the money because they are too busy WORKING!  Working on what?  The business!

4.  Don’t sit around waiting for a check in the mail.

It takes massive action!  Being consistent and persistent is usually what gets it.  How can you get to your goal when everyone who is supposed to teach you, offer you the tools, and give you a product to use is a crook?

I know a newbie when I see one.  I can tell a newbie from these following elements!

  • Newbies like to make excuses on why a product does not work instead of getting through the difficulties of learning ANY product and making it work through their knowledge, consistency, persistence,and their willing to WORK!
  • Newbies like to go from one product to the next without actually figuring out what they needed the product for anyway.  Most products tell you what to expect.  How do you buy a product you don’t know what it does or what it is going to do for you?
  • Newbies know nothing about the difference between a product and a tool.  
  • Newbies have no plan so they have no clue on what they are looking for.
  • And a newbie spends everyday trying to find some “secret”.

If any of these sound like you then you are the person that these so called “everyone is a scam” are looking for.  They know you have NO clue in what you want or what you are looking for.

What you don’t want is another excuse.

In another blog, I am going to show you how easy it is to make something look like a scam.  I am going to use one of my own programs that far outweighs its price in content alone and I am going to make it look like a scam.  The amount of money being made once inside this program and the potential in what one an do with just one social media site is enormous!  I absolutely love this course!  I have now become a Master!  No I am not giving the link.  I am not here to sell.

In the meantime, let me know what you think or if you have any questions. Yes this information is free.  If you do not take action, you cannot blame anyone but YOURSELF!  

In my honest opinion, it does not matter how this information is taken.  Someone needs to give it to you straight.

If you need my information you can email me at

You can also contact me on twitter shavydavy.

Much Love,